Sinus & Allergy Center

If you’re frustrated by a stuffy nose, sinus congestion, allergies, difficulty breathing through your nose or other bothersome symptoms, Oklahoma City ENT Clinic can offer relief. Our advanced sinus treatments – many of which are not available elsewhere in the area – can help most patients breathe easier without the pain and down-time of traditional sinus surgery.

You’ll receive exceptional sinus and allergy care at the Oklahoma City ENT Clinic, through the very latest treatments and technologies.

In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty

In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty
 is now available to eligible patients at the Oklahoma City ENT Clinic as a procedure performed in office, under local anesthesia. Your physician will recommend the best approach for you.

Benefits of In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty

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If you have trouble breathing through your nose, a simple, in-office procedure called endoscopic turbinoplasty may be able to provide significant relief. Turbinates are bony plates within the sinus cavity which normally enlarge and shrink. In some people, however, the turbinates are so enlarged that it’s hard for them to breathe through their nose.

Endoscopic turbinoplasty is a quick, painless procedure that permanently shrinks the turbinates. The short- and long-term improvements in the ability to breathe through your nose can be dramatic.