Facial Plastics Center

Facial Plastic Surgery

cosmetic.jpegCosmetic Procedures

  • Facelift
  • Forehead Lift Surgery
  • Nose/Rhinoplasty
  • Ear Reshaping
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Browlifts
  • Neck Lift
  • Liposuction of the Face
  • Wrinkle Treatment (including Botox ®)
  • Chin and Cheek Implants
  • Facial Scar Treatment
  • Chemical Peels
  • FAMI (Fat Autograft Muscle Injection) Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Reconstructive Surgery

  • Reconstructive Surgery for Facial Trauma
    • Reconstruction to repair damage due to facial trauma
    • Surgery to improve or repair unsightly scars and nasal fractures
    • Surgery to address problems with distortion of the nose or face
    • Surgery to reset bones of the face that have been broken and were not originally set in the correct positions
  • Skull Base Surgery
    • Previously, Dr. Hunter and two other surgeons performed a complex, innovative surgical procedure to remove a large tumor from behind a patient’s eye using Skull Base Surgery.
    • This procedure allowed them to not only remove the tumor but also preserve the eye, something not possible with conventional surgical techniques.
    • Dr. Hunter and his colleagues have now established a joint skull base surgical team to tackle similar problems.

BOTOX® Cosmetic

BOTOX® Cosmetic provides a quick and effective remedy for the facial lines and wrinkles that age, stress, worry, and environmental factors can produce, even on a younger person’s face. A BOTOX injection skin treatment smoothes frown lines on the forehead, between the eyes, at the corners of the eyes, and at the base of the nose.

What to expect during BOTOX treatment

After your physician discusses with you which of your facial muscles will need injection, he or she will inject very small amounts into the areas to be treated. BOTOX treatments are very quick and the entire treatment takes approximately an hour (or less) to complete.

Learn more about BOTOX

BOTOX Cosmetic, introduced in 2002, is the first botulinum toxin to be approved by the FDA for stubborn frown lines between the brows. Approximately 11.8 million BOTOX Cosmetic procedures have been administered in the United States since 2002. 97% of patients surveyed by BOTOX Cosmetic were satisfied with the results of their BOTOX experience.